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What should I do if the tablet auto powers off and on or reboots?

Read: 【 995 】 Time: 【 2016-03-24 】
Please check the possible reason and trouble shooting steps below to solve your issue:

1. The tablet is powered off automatically due to low battery; please charge the tablet when you see the low battery reminder;
2. The automatic power-on/off function is turned on via tablet settings, please uninstall or update the corresponding applications;
3. There are too many running applications, which cause reboot due to low memory, please terminate unused applications to ensure sufficient memory for tablet operation;
4. The tablet is under high load for a long time, which causes power-off due to overheat self-protection, please make sure the tablet is running under allowed temperature range;
5. 3G tablet:  Loose SIM card or bad contact between SIM card and tablet, please reinstall the SIM card and ensure good contact with the tablet.

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